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“Where Did Paul Get His Theology?” – Galatians Part 2

Galatians 1:12-2:10
Pastor Jon Alexanian

How did a devout Jew – a man so zealous for the traditions and purity of his people that he was willing to kill to preserve it- become the greatest proponent of removing any and all barriers that prevented all people from coming to God? What exactly happened to Paul? And more than that, where did he get his ideas?

See, not all of Paul’s ideas were readily accepted, and in fact we know there was a great divide in the early church over Paul’s ideas. Yet, in the end, we know Paul’s views were embraced as doctrine. So where did he get them? How did he come to see something that no one else readily recognized – even those who spent years sitting at the feet of Jesus?

This Sunday we are going to dig into those questions and discover that while Paul’s ideas were certainly difficult for the early church to embrace, they were anything but novel; this was God’s desire from the beginning of creation.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Jon

Hearts Up: May 31, 2018