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It’s Not “Us or Them,” It’s “Us FOR Them” – Made to Flourish Pt. 5

Matthew 9:9-13
Pastor Chris Tweitmann

Grace is on the move. We, as a community, are moving into the future the Lord has set before us. Our perceived future together has been envisioned in what is called a missional narrative – a brief but detailed description of who we are as Grace, why the Lord has placed us here in Huntington Beach, and how we seek to fulfill the shared calling of Christ upon our lives.

We are currently in the midst of a fall sermon series designed to share this narrative with our community. The hope from this series is that we will mutually commit both to internalizing the themes of this narrative as well as to explicitly living them out together. So far, we have considered our identity as Grace (the WHO) and for the last three weeks we have explored our WHY as Grace – our reason for being for such a time as this in Orange County. At the heart of it all has been the biblical theme of flourishing – becoming our best selves, who we were created to be, in Christ.

This Sunday, we turn to the HOW of our missional narrative. One way to think of the HOW is as our guiding principles as Grace. It has been said, “Life is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.” Guiding principles keep us focused to ensure the specifics of the journey match the spirit of the destination expressed through our vision and mission.

Four guiding principles have been defined by the leadership and staff of Grace. These statements have been crafted to describe as well as shape the spirit and nature of our community in Christ. These core values are intended to inform and direct our every thought, decision, and action as we follow Jesus into the future He has prepared for us. Understanding and embracing these guiding principles is necessary for us to hold each other accountable to living by them.

We will be looking at the first two of these guiding principles this weekend. As we’ll discover, these values were not defined in a vacuum. Each one developed out of careful observance of Jesus – of how He lived out the path set before Him and what values He elevated as driving all of His decisions and interactions. I look forward to sharing these principles with you.

Grace and peace!
Pastor Chris

Hearts Up: October 18, 2017