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Jesus: There’s More Than Meets the Eye – S7GNS Pt. 1

John 1:19-51
Pastor Jon Alexanian

If you were with us this past Sunday you heard Pastor Chris declare it – 2019 is the year we dig into who Jesus is. Now I know, as I write this I am writing to insiders (or else you wouldn’t get Hearts Up); I am writing to those of us who have been attending church for a while, who have some idea of who this Jesus is. And because of this, I am aware of the eye rolls that naturally accompany someone saying “this is the year we dig into who Jesus is.” But hear me out, while I fully believe most of us have a great understanding of who Jesus is, I also fully believe none of us have him fully figured out – any more than we have our parents, our friends, our children figured out. Part of the beauty of being in relationship with someone is just when you think you know what they’ll say or do, they surprise you. Why should we view Jesus any differently?

This week we’re jumping into John’s Gospel. Why John’s Gospel you may ask? Because as John tells us at the end of his Gospel (John 20:30-31), the whole reason he wrote it to introduce us to Jesus! So buckle up church, this is going to be a fun ride.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday,

Pastor Jon

Hearts Up: January 10, 2019