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That Life You’ve Always Wanted – S7GNS Pt. 3

John 4:1 – 30
Pastor Jon Alexanian

Truth be told, I was not originally going to preach on this story when I crafted this sermon series. It doesn’t fit with the “Signs” passages (the miracles of Jesus). But it is simply my favorite story in the Gospel, so I’m fitting it in.

This story has everything – drama, awkwardness, intimacy, theology. Everything a Bible nerd would want to geek out on. But what the story reveals, the message this story tells us about Jesus, is something we all need to hear. This is the message that your Christian hating friend needs to hear. This is the message your children who think Jesus is irrelevant need to wrestle with. This is the message you need to take to heart if you’ve been questioning, are afraid, or have been carrying shame. This is the message of the Gospel.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday,

Pastor Jon