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The Day Water Blushed – S7GNS Pt. 2

John 2:1-11
Pastor Jon Alexanian

There are just some stories from Sunday school that stick with a you: Jonah in the whale, Noah’s Ark, the Burning Bush – classics. But one story that I always enjoyed as a kid, and probably even more as a teenager, was the one where Jesus showed up at wedding and took a ton of water, and in the wink of an eye, turned it to wine. It’s a great story! The power of Jesus is on full display; like the Father he simply speaks (no magical incantations) and things happen. The crowd is left speechless. It’s a great story.

But I have to tell you, when I was in Sunday school, I had no idea just how rich this story was. Yes, the miracle is impressive, but it’s what the miracle reveals, or as John says, it’s what the miracle points to, that is far more impressive. This Sunday, we are going to dig deeper into this story and as we do, my hope is for you to walk away with a deeper appreciation for who Jesus is and the things he cares about.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday,

Pastor Jon

Hearts Up: January 17, 2019