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Blinded By The Light – S7GNS Pt. 7

John 9:1-41
Pastor Jon Alexanian

As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John, we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest Jewish festival of the year – the Feast of Tabernacles. And as we saw last week, on the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stands up and declares 3 things about himself: 1) He can satisfy our deepest longings, 2) He can guide us through life, and 3) the reason he can do all that is because above all else, as Jesus says, “before Abraham was born, I am.” After claiming those three things, Jesus was chased out of the temple courts. This is where we pick up the story this week.

The difference between this week’s passage the previous weeks is that Jesus is absent in this dialogue. Instead, the dialogue has to do with one man’s encounter with Jesus, and how he wrestles to articulate his belief in Jesus in the face of opposition. As this man wrestles, he models for us what it looks like to articulate faith when you don’t have all the answers. This should be a fun story to look at together.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jon