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It’s Not About You – S7GNS Pt. 5

John 6:1-70
Pastor Jon Alexanian

What do you have to do to be saved? What do we have to bring to the table to experience the most in life? What is required of me? As Christians, especially those in the Lutheran Tradition, our answer to these questions is easy – nothing. There is nothing we can do, contribute, or bring to the table that enables us to experience eternal life. That life only comes through trusting Jesus, receiving what he alone has done for us. The interesting thing is that when Jesus first put that idea out there, it was so offensive that it caused masses of people to abandon him.

And why is that? What is so offensive about the idea that our salvation process comes without any effort on our part? And if we are saved solely by trusting Jesus, what does that look like? This week we are going to look primarily at a discussion Jesus had with a group of people where he addresses these topics. To do that though, we need to keep in mind that the conversation was in direct response to two incredible miracles – the feeding of the 5000 and walking on water. So on Sunday, we will focus both on the miracles and the conversation that follows.

See you Sunday

Pastor Jon