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Jesus Can Heal – S7GNS Pt. 4

John 4:43-5:9
Pastor Jon Alexanian

If you remember, last week I told you we were going to look at a passage that makes religious people uncomfortable – namely, how Jesus extends eternal life to a sinful woman with no strings attached. This week, I may make even more people uncomfortable with a discussion of the physical manifestation of healing. All through the Gospels, Jesus is recorded to have physically healed people, but for some reason, while we acknowledge he was capable of doing that 2000 years ago, most of us get a little squeamish about the idea of asking him to heal people today. Don’t get me wrong, we are all for Jesus taking care of our “psychological/emotional” needs, but actual physical ones? We leave that to doctors.

But we should wrestle with the question – if Jesus was able to heal people in the bible, and his Spirit is fully present in the world today, then does that mean Jesus can still heal people today? And if he can, why doesn’t he always?

Let’s talk about it Sunday.

Pastor Jon