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Knowing the Way – Before I Go Pt. 1

John 14
Pastor Chris Tweitmann

This weekend as we “spring forward” and set our clocks ahead by one hour, we enter the beginning of what is known as Lent, which means “springtime or renewal.” Lent is a season created by followers of Christ sometime during the 4th century. Officially kicked off this past week on Ash Wednesday, Lent spans forty days (not counting Sundays).

These next few weeks are set apart as an intentional time for preparing, not just for the celebration of Easter, but for the remembrance of Holy Week. The journey of Lent reminds us of both the cost and the benefit of following Jesus. Shadowing the footsteps of Christ, we move from intimate fellowship marked by serving others to total betrayal and abandonment unto death and then, unexpected, glorious resurrection beyond the possibilities and imagination of life as we know it. This is the path of discipleship we tread daily as we rise to walk with Jesus. This is the testimony we have to share about Christ and his Kingdom, not just through what we say but in how we live together.

We will be journeying through the season of Lent together by continuing our study of the Gospel of John. For the next few weeks we will be focused on chapters 14 – 17, an extended conversation Jesus has in the Upper Room and on the way to the Garden of Gethsemane with his disciples. More formally known as “the farewell discourse,” this block of teaching by Jesus is only rivaled in its length by the Sermon on the Mount.

Typically, we skim this section of John’s Gospel on Thursday of Holy Week. I look forward to the opportunity to explore with you in more detail all that Jesus has to share with us here. We’ll begin by coming into the middle of a conversation where Jesus attempts to ease the concerns of his troubled disciples. He will try to do this by giving them a little direction. However, their preoccupation with knowing the destination is going to become their biggest roadblock to moving forward.

We often have the same challenge when it comes to Jesus!
You’re invited to learn more this Sunday.

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris