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The Grave Robber – S7GNS Pt. 8

John 11:1-44
Pastor Jon Alexanian

Synopsis – Jesus has the power to overcome the greatest enemy – death

As we’ve continued to work our way through the Gospel of John, I have repeatedly, some might even say unrelentingly, tried to emphasize that when Jesus speaks of eternal life, his primary focus is on the life to be experienced this side of heaven – and that is absolutely true! I’ve beat this drum so hard because so often we have made Christianity solely about where you spend eternity, that we have missed the reality that we are experiencing eternity today! But that does not mean when Jesus speaks of eternal life, he isn’t also speaking of what happens when we die, and in fact, as we turn to close out the first half of John’s Gospel, Jesus makes this point loud and clear.

This weekend we will be spending time confronting the ugly reality we all must face – death. And as we will see, it is not something to take lightly, or brush aside. Death is brutal and gut wrenching. Jesus himself will demonstrate that. But death never gets the last word.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jon