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The Lord’s Prayer – Before I Go Pt. 3

John 17:1-8
Pastor Chris Tweitmann

Every Sunday, as part of our regular rhythm of worship, we end our time spent together in pray by reciting the words of what we refer to as the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer is outlined for us in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 6, verses 9 through 13. However, if we look carefully, this is not actually, the prayer of Jesus. As part of the teaching known as the Sermon on the Mount, this is a prayer Jesus gives his disciples as a model for us to use whenever we speak to our Heavenly Father.

This Sunday, we are going to listen in and reflect upon a prayer which really is the Lord’s prayer. Recorded in John, chapter 17, this is a unique opportunity for us to read because this chapter records Jesus’ own prayer. This is not a record of Jesus teaching how his disciples ought to pray, this is Jesus’ own, personal prayer to his Father. Taking up the whole chapter, this prayer is 26 verses long and we will contemplate it over the course of two sermons.

Join us this weekend as we are privileged to enter into sacred space. Together we will have the opportunity to listen in and learn from a sampling of the divine, ongoing communication that passed between the Father and the Son while Jesus was with us on earth. Let us hang on every word and every phrase Jesus says here. For in the simplest words of our Savior, some of the most profound truths in the revelation of God to humanity are about to become clear.

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris