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Living Beyond Ourselves – More than Generous Pt. 5

Acts 1:1-11
Pastor Chris Tweitmann

Have you ever experienced something – an encounter or an event and have not been sure what to make of it? I’m talking about being confused or uncertain as to how this particular happening fits alongside everything else you’ve encountered.

In the story of Christian faith, there is one such equivalent event – the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus departs from the company of his disciples and ascends to heaven right before their very eyes. Jesus returns to the glory of the Father.

The ascension of Christ. It’s there in our Bibles. And yet, it remains one of the most unappreciated aspects of Jesus’ work. It is hardly remembered. Recorded as one of the essential faith statements of the Church in testimonies like the Apostles Creed, clearly, the ascension of Christ is a significant, if underappreciated event in the life of Jesus. But I imagine most of us would have difficulty in explaining why it matters.

This weekend we are going to learn the answer to this question. Together, we will come to appreciate it how the ascension of Christ fits in the wider story of the Gospel. In doing so, we also will close out our sermon series on generosity – on becoming a more than a generous people like God is towards us. If you didn’t relate to my opening question, perhaps now you do.

You might be asking yourself, “What could the ascension of Jesus possibly have to do with becoming the gracious givers that God created us to be?”

It’s a valid question – one I am excited for us to consider together on Sunday!

Join us as we discover the significance of the event that bridges the resurrection of Jesus on Easter and the birth of the Church on Pentecost. The ascension of Christ is the pinnacle of Jesus’ earthly ministry that paves the way for the start of the ministry we have been called to do in His name. What we will contemplate is not a doctrine to be puzzled through in our minds in order to be authenticated. It is an essential truth of the Gospel intended to inform and shape our anticipation of the future. At the same time, recognizing what Jesus leaves behind with his ascension to heaven will provoke us to be mindful of what we are leaving behind as we live day-to-day for Christ.

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris