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The Five Challenges of Christ – The Humerians

Two years ago, we initiated a new ministry partnership with a longtime member of our staff, Lee Humerian, and his wife, Katie. Together they answered a call from the Lord to become missionaries in the war-torn country of Ukraine. This sacred calling came about from a series of service trips they led and embarked upon through a dynamic, Kingdom-focused, and Christ-centered organization called Josiah Venture.

Josiah Venture is a ministry that emerged out of the sweeping changes that followed the removal of the Berlin Wall in 1989. With this historic event, new doors were opened in Central and Eastern Europe for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Josiah Venture was birthed out of a vision of a movement of God among the youth of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to transform society. Their mission is to identify and equip young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.

Since 1993, Josiah Venture has grown from three couples to over 300 staff today. The reach of this ministry covers 15 countries in Europe, along with a support team in America. Over half of the JV Team are nationals. The rest are missionaries like our own, Lee and Katie.

Join us this Sunday as we are blessed to have the opportunity to worship and visit with Lee, Katie, and the newest addition to their family, Jesse Rae. They are going to be sharing with us in detail about the fruits of our partnership with them through Josiah Venture. Together we will hear how the Spirit has been and continues to be on the move in their lives, in the community of L’viv where they have been planted, and among the various schools and churches they have traveled to and engaged via EXIT Tour.

Come prepared to hear stories of transformation and hope. Come ready to celebrate the faithfulness and generosity of God. Come willing to pray and to support what the Holy Spirit envisions for the next phase of our partnership with Lee and Katie. The best is yet to come!

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris