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Sabbath: Waiting on the Lord – re:NEW Pt. 6

Psalm 130
Pastor Chris Tweitmann

Sabbath. Resting in order to work.

It’s a divinely created rhythm.

It’s a rule for life given to us by our Heavenly Father.

It’s a means of acting justly – of recognizing, respecting, and protecting
our common humanity.

It’s the gateway to our freedom – to being healed from all the counter narratives
to the love and grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that seek to shape our lives
and our world.

This is what we’ve discovered so far. Is there anything else for us to learn?

Yes. Something perhaps unexpected. Something maybe at the root of why we resist slowing down to rest. Something essential about the Sabbath that is revealed most poignantly in all places between the Cross and the Resurrection.

What else is there for us to understand about the Sabbath?
Waiting. Learning how to wait.
More specifically, recognizing we need to wait on the Lord.

We live in a cultural moment of restlessness. Most of us don’t like waiting.
Few of us know how to wait patiently. Our lives are filled with longings and unmet expectations. We are often forced to wait. And we can’t stand it. More often than not, we try to move the story of our lives along to get to a better chapter. It rarely ends well and usually ends up making things in our life worse rather than better.

God has given us the ability to wait through His gift of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is about shaping how we wait. Resting, abiding in the Lord, reorients our perspective. In keeping the Sabbath, we learn to appreciate God’s timing is always better than ours.

Most of us only know one speed: full steam ahead. And we have been stuck in that speed for a very long time. Instead of racing against time, you’re invited to come slow down this Sunday and learn how to wait. Join us to discover that in our relationship with Christ, the best things – the full, abundant life God desires for each of us – emerge out of our waiting. Together let us realize God some of His best work – His best work in us – through our waiting upon Him.

Pastor Chris