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Why is “Work” Such a 4-Letter Word? – Work as Worship Pt. 2

Genesis 3:1-19
Pastor Jon Alexanian

Last week we kicked off a series looking at the topic of work. And if you remember, as we saw, work is a good endeavor. The first verse of the Bible tells us God is a worker, and as we saw, when God intentionally sat down to create us, we were made to both reflect his worker image, and to rule over creation. Whenever, we fulfill these roles, not only are we living into our wiring, but we are also worshipping. Christians need to understand that our work is an act of worship.

The question that remains though is this – if work is such a good thing, why is that work often feels like such a bad thing? Or even more precisely – why is work often such a 4-letter word? Not only will we dig into that question this Sunday, but we will also see that work, along with the rest of creation, is something God is actively working to redeem. Should be fun.

See you Sunday
Pastor Jon