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Ghosting the Holy Ghost – God In Us Pt. 7

1 Thessalonians 5
Margie McClure

We continue our sermon series focused on better understanding and more fully appreciating the person of the Holy Spirit. This Sunday, we engage one of the Bible’s more cryptic references. On a couple of different occasions, there are brief references to, and even cautions against grieving, squelching, and/or quenching the Holy Spirit.

But what exactly do these passing comments mean? What specific are we to avoid in our relationship with the Lord through the Spirit? Can we find ourselves acting in this way without realizing it? And what is the result of such a posture towards the Spirit? Is it, as some insist, unforgivable?

These are the questions we will be wrestling through together this weekend. However, I will not be leading this conversation this Sunday. As you might remember, I am en route to serve in the Ukraine with our missionary partners, Lee and Katie Humerian, through the ministry of Josiah Venture.

Our preacher of the day will be one of my former preaching students from Fuller, Margie McClure. Margie, a graduate of Westmont College, is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. As part of her graduation requirements, Margie has been completing an internship for Fuller under my supervision over the past few months. She graduates this June and will be pursuing doctorate studies.

Margie is ideally suited to preach this message as she comes from a Pentecostal background. She has experienced firsthand both the benefits and the abuses of the Charismatic Movement of Christianity. She is a thoughtful, reflective, and engaging speaker who I know you will be blessed to hear deliver the word of God. Please support her this weekend as she steps into the pulpit and lives into her gifts and calling from Christ.

I’ll be watching and worshipping with all of you from afar thanks to our Livestream broadcast!

Grace to you!
Pastor Chris