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Cursillo is a four-day weekend retreat offered several times a year. Through teaching, conversation, meals and other experiences, Cursillo is a time of pilgrimage. Pilgrimages have a long and valued history in the life of the Church. They serve as dedicated and intensive times for encountering God more deeply and in so doing to recognize truths about ourselves in relation to our Lord.

The word “cursillo” means “a short course” and this weekend retreat is literally is a short course in discipleship. The intent and structure of these four days is to strengthen one’s faith in the Gospel, increase one’s reliance upon God’s grace and ultimately guide a Christian from a posture of belief in Jesus into a relationship of apprenticeship with Jesus. If entered into willingly and honestly, a Cursillo weekend can be a profoundly moving and life-changing experience.

Beyond this, to explain Cursillo to someone who has never experienced Cursillo is, at best, difficult. Often, for those who have experienced this pilgrimage, it is still hard to fully put into words. The reason behind the mystery is Christ. No one can fully explain
how Jesus touches and speaks to each person throughout the various elements of this sacred retreat.

A Cursillo weekend is led by a team of lay directors, pastors, musicians and cooks who have previously participated in the retreat experience. Grace regularly sends first time pilgrims as well as leaders and weekend volunteers.

Men and women attend on separate weekends. To attend a weekend, you must be a baptized member who regularly attends and participates at Grace. A pastoral recommendation is also required. There is no cost involved in attending a Cursillo.
The weekend is a gift to you from the community of those who have attended previously and those who are working on the team. A sponsor takes care of getting you there and bringing you home, as well as providing you with the application for and information about the weekend.

Cursillo retreats are scheduled multiple times each year.

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