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The Greatest Myth About Work – Work as Worship Pt. 4

1 Peter 2:9-12; Colossians 3:23-24
Pastor Jon Alexanian

For the last few weeks, we have dug deep into the topic of work as God intended. We’ve seen that work is an act of worship, the futile feeling associated with most work was not God’s plan but a result of sin, and how, through the power and leading of the Spirit, when we tap into the unique calling God has on our life, we can once again begin to experience work as it was intended.

This week, in an attempt to further connect what we do Sunday with what we do Monday, we are going to address the greatest myth concerning work – that what I do as a Pastor is somehow more important than what you do. I know that’s a blunt way to put it, but as we’ll see on Sunday, this myth rears its ugly head all the time, and if we are ever going to fully understand worship, we need to understand that everything we do is to be a meaningful act that, when done well, glorifies the Lord.

See You Sunday,
Pastor Jon