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Working for Eternity – Work as Worship Pt. 6

Matthew 25:14-30
Pastor Jon Alexanian

Hey church – for the last few weeks we have been unpacking this idea of work as God intended it. This week we will be wrapping up the series by trying to tie it all together by putting work in an eternal context.

I don’t think most people ever think about this, but if work was part of God’s original creation before sin entered the world, doesn’t it also make sense that our work would carry with us into eternity? Why would we expect heaven to be devoid of work?

We’re going to talk about this in some great detail on Sunday, but to do that we first need to understand a little bit more about heaven. Then we can spend some time pulling this series together, showing how, when we understand and live into work as God intended it, we can flourish not only in this life but also in the life to come.
Sound fun? I think so.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Jon