A Call for Volunteers. Will you help?

April 22 - May 14

A call for volunteers.  Will you help? 
God is answering prayers and the numbers of COVID cases are continuing to drop in Orange County. That means that certain health guidelines are changing, allowing us to engage in more activities as a church family!

As we begin to resume some of our weekly activities at Grace, we need a few more volunteers to make it happen!

Right now, we’re looking for people to help us with coffee service, tech/sound board, Sunday nursery care, Altar Guild, atrium maintenance and help cleaning up the playgrounds.  Will you consider volunteering? Email h[email protected] or call me at 714-899-1700 to find out more information about these and other volunteer opportunities.

P.S. We have lots of other things going on at Grace. Everything else can be found at gracefamily.info