As no doubt you’ve heard, Governor Newsom issued a statewide mask mandate for all indoor activities through 1/15/2022. This goes into effect immediately.

At Grace, our intention is for us to observe and honor this mandate. That being said, we will not turn away or reprimand anyone who chooses not to wear a mask indoors. Compliance is our responsibility. Enforcement is the state’s responsibility.

When you next visit us at Grace, you’ll notice signs posted on our doors to the sanctuary and elsewhere on the campus that read: “Statewide mask mandate in effect until further notice. Please join us in complying with this mandate.”

We encourage you to do your best in keeping yourself, your loved ones, and those around you safe during this time of year when common colds are elevated in addition to the pandemic. Please wash your hands, monitor yourself for any symptoms, and have a heart of compassion and love for those around you, even if they believe differently than you.

As we all learn to follow Jesus during this time, our trust is in him. But we also know that following Jesus means serving those around us with sacrificial love so that all may know the love of God.


Pastor Chris