Grace Diners is starting up again for the spring of 2023! Are you ready to break bread with people of Grace? Sign up for Grace Diners! It is a great way to get to know the people that worship with you!

This is how it works: Six people will be put together in a group. First two people will host dinner once in the first month, electing to eat out (each paying their own way) or dine in their home. If they dine in they provide the main course. The second and third couples of people on the list will provide salad or dessert to round out the meal. Next month, the second two people on the list host one time and the third month is hosted one time by the last two people.

Simple, easy and fun! Sign up by contacting Shirley Golnitz or Mary Rich no later than January 8th. Groups will be assigned the following week!

If you need help contacting the organizers, call the church office at 714.899.1700.