Grace Office Changes

June 3 - 18

Grace Office Transitions – Betty Wardle is leaving and Donna Martin is here!

In the midst of the excitement of preparing for the full reopening of the church, we have a major change in our staff.  Betty Wardle, who has been our Church Office Manager/Secretary, Chief Administrator, and person-in-charge-of-all-things-Grace, is currently working with Donna Martin who will take over Betty’s responsibilities.  Betty will soon be retiring and eventually moving to Northern California to be near her grandchildren. Betty and her husband Mark have made a huge impact in our Grace family and its ministries.

Donna Martin comes to us via Brethren High School.  She was the Office Manger and all around problem solver.  She is proving herself to be a great asset in her new position at Grace.  Her daughter attends our elementary school.  She has a great working relationship with the staff at the school.  We look forward to Donna’s guidance and leadership at Grace as she takes over Betty’s position as Office Manager.

A Note from Pastor Chris
For more than a decade Betty has faithfully served the community of Grace as the heart of our administrative team. In particular, she has been a dedicated partner in enabling me to fulfill my role as your senior pastor. I have come to appreciate Betty for her wise counsel, her fierce advocacy, and her aptitude for juggling multiple tasks at once with both grace and skill. But that just reflects a quick summation of what Betty does – the kind of work we’ve benefited from all these years. More than this, there is who Betty is – a woman with an incredible sense of humor, an even bigger heart full of compassion, and one of the largest spirits of generosity I have ever encountered. Coming to know her not just as a colleague but as a dear friend is, for me, the greatest blessing. As we gratefully celebrate the end of her tenure in this vital area of ministry, we can barely do justice in acknowledging all Betty has done for all of us. And the truth is, she’s fine with that. Because something else I respect and admire about Betty is that she is more interested in God getting the glory than in receiving all the credit. The best way we can thank her is to honor and build on the legacy that she leaves behind by following and serving Christ with the same faithfulness that she has.

We rejoice in the love of Our Father God that He has provided both of these women with the talents and skills that serve His church so effectively.